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tv   FOX News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  October 24, 2010 2:30pm-3:30pm PST

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odor eliminators? it's only her birthday. it's not christmas. hummingbird feeder? you guys are being silly, right? then i'm afraid you'll have t spend mor than $1.99 for your mom's gift. ah, you're right nrmie. turn 70 once. speaking as a mom, when my kids give me gifts, the best ones are ones $hey make themselves. for instanc, look at thik little key chain. anthony made this for me at camp. carried it with me ever since. it might be the most hrecihis thing i owcamp.
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i'll give you $3.00. ♪ometimes yu want to go ♪ don%. ♪ where everybody knows your name ♪ ♪ and they're always glad you came ♪ ♪ you want to be whereyou can see ♪ ♪ our $roubles are al the same ♪ ♪ you want to go ♪ wh%r% %knows your name ♪ captioning made possible by paramount domestic television
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sam, you're working a party the 26th at mr. gaines'. r÷ how come you always get roped into running these things? i'm just delivering the message. i'll be attending the party, but as an honored guest-- an hoored guest
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who comes early and leaves late. and i'll do as any good guest will-- clean up and maybe park cars. what's the shindig for now? it's one of those "welcme back@ "from your fabulous trip to europe, you sniveling snot of a vice president's daughter's" tennis brunch. i've never been to one. good. youwre tending bar. i'll see you 10:00 sunday morning. she played right into my hands. if i do say so myself, i do throw a lovely party. mr. gaines, i haven't met your lovely daughter. she'd love to meet you. oh, she's busy. jack daniels neat. coming right up, sir. aáen't you sam malone? weren't you a pitcher? that's me. now you're doing this?
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nothing wrong with tendi bar. it's good, honest work. here's a little something for you. those rich snobs, n. they think they can look down at you and then make verything better by slipping you measly..50! two white wines, please. ys, sir coming right up. you ow, woody? it's a long way@ from pitching in the major leagues to slinging drinks you know, life dealt me this lsy hand. i'm st going to have to hlayi, ou im sorry, sir. there are your drinks. thank you. oh. bless you. bless you. i'm definitely on to something.
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excuse m bartender.@ a little more champagne? sure. maybe i'll get a tip, too. hey, likten. ts whining for llars routine's mine. i'll be summering in d.c., godelp m%. dad's given me the option of going up on the hill or being a clerk. excuse me for interrupting, but i'd take the clerk job. i had a blast summer i clerked at the piggly wiggy. yeah. i'm sureouid but i was talking@ t beg a legal clerk. oh, this wa' on th% up-andup. are you always this obtuse? e cummerbund makes my wais, look thick. yah. thick--that's the word i wanted. write it on your hand.
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you'll nvr forget t. he'sery funny. here's to you, malone. and i wish you luck on that triple bypass. thank you. bless your heart. you have a heart problem, sam? yeahit feels like there's something pressingnit. maybe like... all this cash. excuse me, bartender. can i give you a tip? looking good, sam. sure. for the rest of the afternoon, keep your mouth shut. excuse me? you're here to ork, nt to chitcha with ,he guests. you think bcause@you're rich you can boss people around you know, kid, you're really starting to annoy me.bcause@you're rich
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i'l teach you some mn%rs. step outside. i was out of line. i don't want to fight. you're smarter than you look. now i want to fight. whoa. what's going on here, man? this guy said iwm smarter than i look, sam. just whoa, whoa, hoa. come here. stop. i mean it. before you go out, lt m say something. i've broken up a lot of fights in my day, and no matter who's volved, whether they're rich guy or poor guys, tall guys or short guys, fat guys, skinny guys, guys with speh pediment.. what's your point? usually by ts point in the story, the guys would foágt what they'r angry about, and they'd kind of wander away. yeah, well, i, uh... i ess this isn't the rght time or place. yeah. you're right. there you go. very good. why dn't you go back to the bar?
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will you tell me the rest of the story later? well, maybe we'll meet again when your daddy@ isn't around. i don't needim to protect me. i'll meet you anywhere, anytime. you can find me at cheers. i'll see you there tomorrow. i'lle there with bells on. that's just an exprsi excuse me, please. excuse me. i head what yom've been doing-- vi everyone a hard-luck story so they'll give@you big t. i will not condone . i'm going@to dock you a day's payn
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did you hear that? woody, cognac for all my friends. we're celebrating this year's recipient of the fiske oundation@ grant. what the hel is it? it's a very prestigious and lucra(ive fellowship that will enable me to complete my 4reatise-- man's need to work-- our nevrending drive build, crte and achieve. it must feel good. you bet. if i cop one more grant, it's loaf city. ok,@boyd. i'm here yeah. so am i. but i'm always here. you know, i woul feel rigt beating you senseless unlss i warn@you i waon the boxing tam at princet.
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yeah? whileuwre beating me senseless, keep this in mind-- i was first alt%rnate on the hanover high boxing squad. is tt pposed to make yoa tough y? tough enough. yeah? well, the proof is in the pudding. that does it. nobody says that meí who wants to sey get@oope wody! woody! woody! wait a minute! i can't lea. go figh( in the@back. but remember, bus your own blood. let's go. woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! ⌞woody! woody! woody! woy! woody! woody! woody! woody! woody! [pow] [by drops] rich guy! rich guy! rich guy! rich g! rich guy! rich guy! rich guy! rich guy!@
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did i@gt@struck igh$ning? no, woody. i guess that only@happens once in your life. he's ok. we boyds don't ae having our faces caved in. yeah? m ging toet that y. whoa. calm down, woody.@ isn't it enough you left bits of face in his pinkie ring? y%ah. and your nose messed up his shoe shine. i'm goin to get that@guy. oh, come on, woody. how can you get him? he's rich, smar, good shape, hangs out wth lassier people. h%y. hy. you@know what i'm talking about. oh. yeah. oh. yeah. hey. hey. how could i get him?
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he must have some weakess. i heard my boyfriend was coming to fight that nice bartender. fight? i've had sneezes tha( la3ted longer. oh, iam ko sorry nash did this. heak such a ridiculous temper. if there's anything i can do, pleas don't hesitate to ask. are your hands naturally this soft, oro@yo use lotion? lotion. you can't buy it in e states. smells good, too. no. it's fragrce free. you smell my hai i rinse it in essen of belgian wild flowersn do they make a boywsverkion? my personal shopper will send you a case. i fe just teráible about what nash did. i hop that cute face doesn't get a scar ioll be ok. ok. bye. bye.
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get that nash guy? i think it's obvious, if you knw what i mean. beat up his girlfriend? i n'th you could. whoa. come on. think with me here. think. have you met anybody recently kind of cute, you know? smebody wo smells good with hair down to here? i'm interested in what you're saying, but i had a thought. if i went out with her, i'd make nash real jealous. woody! woody! woody! i'm back! this has been@ a fabulous d. as i walked through the halls of headquarters, i received nothing but kudos for my fantasti party yesterday. mr. gaines said i displayd leadership, imagionl and class.
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i am it. that's great, miss howe. listen, could i take an hour /ff? of course, wo. take $wo. y/u dsrve it. m going to ask your boss for permission to date his daughter. ok. no! "so, mr. gaines, "please allow me to stress again "tt my being here "in no way reflects upon miss rebecca how "or her chance for advanceet in your corporation."@ i'll take that der advisement. now pleas get on with your business. i'll take that my business is. that i'd like permission to date your daughter kelly. i think you'll fin that i'm generous, hard working, friendly, cheerful, and honest. oh, yeah. and i'm funny, too.
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well-presented, young man, and a charming, old-fashioned gesture besdes. ready, walter? in a minute, nash. anywaysx you can see your visit has been in vain. my daughter has been dating nash for years. w%ll,boyd,@ how's that chin heg? nev%r mind my chin. how's your ring? nash, it seems mr. boyd s his eye on kelly oh. what a #oincidence. yesterday he had his eye on my topsiders. we're on the tee in 10 minutes. i have to@war you, i've ever played before. uh, he's tking to me, gomer. you'll show yourself out? you'd better get going. yole late for that bus. a lot you ow
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doesn't come around for another 15 minu,es. nash! let's do it! i'll see you later, kelly. got to let your dad beat me at golfagain. well, i'd better be going, too. wait a minute. i heard your dad answer and nash's answer, buti havet heard your answer. oh, go,woody, i couldn't. i understand. wait a minute. why not? i'm not nash's property, and i hate when he assumes i am. well, beans, this will ow him. aw, that's great. that is terrific. all right. i'lick you up torro/ at 8:00, ok?
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you'll have the best time possible. you may thk i don't know my way around, but you're going to &ind t i do, ok i'll see you. woody? yes? do you know you're in a closet?@ i thought it might b% moáe sophikticated to lay low and then sneak out later. goodight.
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i've changed the schdulet.aaaaaaaaaaa so he can continue to date that lovely young woman. you want him to date? what happned to "the attack o the screaming boss lady from hell"? i didn't want him to ask her out originally, but let's face it-- they'e dating. he has a chance to become the boss' son-in-law. and bosses' sons-in-law become vps. in th% corporate /orld, it helps to know a vp. that'sisgusting. sa i d't make up the rules. i just follow them.
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thanks again, woody. you introduced me to a whole new world. it's hard to believe you'd never been to a monster truck and tractor pul before. whoa, on the first date. how will you top tha$, buddy? it was a one-shot deal. why? she only dated e to make her boyfriend jealous. how do you know? 'cause sh% . i@only dated her to get revenge at her boyfriend. that's what i told her.@ that kind of honesty will keep you out o& marriage. kelly... your dad said i'd find yom here. nash, i don't want to hear it. i'm tired of being treated like chattel. i thinkthat's pronounced "cattle."
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when i heard what you did, i got reallyad then i áealiz%d-- åyou ul't possibly be doing this for your enjoyment so you must be trying to prove a point. and i have to say, point w%ll ,aken. this has been a humbling experience. nothing personal. that's ok. i didn't understand it. anyway, f"om now n, new@nash. i jus, hope you'll give me another chance. well... ok. great. let's go. we can at late supper at guispe's. i don't know. i... are we finishd with our date? yeah, ok. i guess i,'k overx if you want. well, thanks again for a fun eveing. kelly. what? nothing.
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do you have somthing@ yu want to say? no. i had a great time. it was nice meeting you. i was reall0 happy to get to know you. i guess i did have something to say. so, i guess we should be leaving. i should get back to work. well, hav% fun /orking. yeah. have fun leaving. woody, come on, man. go get her. what #ould i possibly say to her? say, "i like you. will you date me again?" right. jt like that. her rich boyfriend for poor old nobody wdy. iwm afraid the real world doesn'work like that. now, woody, come on. go get er. if it works out, you owe me dinner. just say, "i like you. will you date me again?"
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b%fore it's too late. go get her. excuse me. kelly, uh... i like you. will you go out with me again? well, sure. oh, great, great. we can't tonight. i've got to take sam out no, no, it's ok. we can go out now. i have a standing reservation at pizza by theyard. oh, wait a minute. what about nash? while i was gtting in the car, i realized i have more fun ith you. oh, i know what you mean. i@didn't have much fun with nash either. hey, miss howe? can i leave now to take kelly out?
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i'l work double next week. if you want to say out real late and get married, come in anytime tomorrow. you're the greatest, miss howe. let's hrry. if we gt there by 6:00, we can sit at the pacman table. what's a ha#man? oh, kelly, i have so much to teach you. captionng performed by the national captioning institute, inc. ®public performance of cap4ionsà prohibited without permission of national captioning institute captions copyright 1989 paramount pictuáes #orporation
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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. and this is "fox news sunday". nine days and counting till the midterm elections and control of the senate is up for grabs. we'll sit down with two candidates in key battlegrounds. pat toomey, the republican nominee in pennsylvania, who has seen his big lead disappear. and democratic governor joe manchin of west virginia, who is playing up his anti-obama credentials. then, juan williams speaks out. >> when i get on a plane, if i see people who are in muslim garb, i get worried, i get nervous. >> chris: and is fired by national public radio.
4:01 pm
when does political correctness become censorship? juan and our sunday regulars discuss the controversy. and our power player of the week. a different kind of sports owner. all right now on "fox news sunday." and hello again from fox news in washington. in the fight for control of the senate, 37 seats are in play. and republicans need a net gain of ten seats to take control. it will come down to a handful of tight contests like west virginia, where popular democratic governor joe manchin is in a close race against republican john raese. we'll have more on that battle shortly. and in pennsylvania, democrat joe sestak is trying to hold on to a seat for his party against republican pat toomey. mr. toomey joins us now from philadelphia. we invited congressman sestak, but he declined. mr. toomey, the news in your race is that your big lead has basically disappeared.
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you've been ahead for months. back on labor day, the real clear politics average of recent poll showed you up 8-1/2 points. but now the latest real clear politics average shows you with a lead of two points. question: what happened? >> chris, i don't think we ever had a big lead, but we do have a lead now. look, i never expected this to be anything but a close and competitive race. pennsylvania is a big swing state. and we expected this would be close. it's close now but i feel great about where we are. we're going to finish strong and win the race. >> chris: has the enthusiasm gap that we've seen for months between republicans and democrats, has that begun to disappear as we've gotten closer to election day? are democrats in your state and in other states coming home? >> i'm not sure about that. i think there is tremendous enthusiasm and energy on our side. i'm not so sure about on the
4:03 pm
other side. you know, the other side has spent a great deal of money, the democratic senate campaign committee spent more money attacking me than any other candidate in the country. that may very well explain part of this tightening. as i said, we expected this to be a tight race. it is a tight race. but i think the energy and the momentum is on our side. >> chris: one of your opponent joe sestak's argument against you is you are too extreme. he has gone to some links to try to link you to sarah palin and tea party and especially to christine o'donnell, the candidate in the neighbors state of delaware. let's watch. >> there are those who are running with pat toomey like o'donnell next door that want to do away with the fourth amendment that thinks there can be a state established religion. >> chris: honest, has christine o'donnell who advertises on some
4:04 pm
pennsylvania tv stations because it covers northern delaware, do you think she's hurt you? >> i don't think people fall for that. this is pretty silly. joe sestak is so worried about his own record, he's trying to run against somebody that i've never met, that i don't agree with. you know, who is really extreme here? the fact is joe sestak is to left of nancy pelosi. that is no exaggeration. he has voted for every single item on the big government agenda we've been living through for the last two years and his only criticism has been it doesn't go far enough. joe sestak is a guy who is outside of the mainstream of pennsylvania. >> chris: i'm just curious, i want to get into your record first and then to joe sestak's. but you say you disagree with christine o'donnell. on what? >> i think that, you know, some of the accusations that joe sestak was attributing to her, which i don't share those views. >> chris: any in particular? >> i think there was some reference to repealing one of
4:05 pm
the amendments. and question about the first amendment. you know, this is nothing that i've ever spoken about or agreed with. >> chris: okay. let's talk about your record now. you ran the club for growth in washington for several years which is very tough on taxes. that has become an issue in this campaign. joe sestak has been running a clip of you from a few years ago. let's watch. >> i would disagree with the idea we want to have a corporate tax burden at all. it just doesn't make sense. i think the solution is eliminate corporate taxes altogether. >> chris: seriously, no corporate income tax? that brings in $300 billion a year to the federal government. >> yeah, chris, this was perhaps inartful on my part but nevertheless an attempt to simply illustrate a point. it was never a serious policy proposal. my point i was trying to illustrate is at the end of the day corporations collect taxes from their customers and those who like sestak want much higher taxes on
4:06 pm
american businesses end up putting that burden on the consumers of those businesses. what i have said, chris, we have the second highest tax rate in the industrial world. 35%. only japan's is higher and they're in the process of lowering theirs. i've said we should lower our tax rate, our tax business at the rate from 35% to 25%. if we did that, we'd be better able to compete. that would put us in line with most of our competitors and make our workers and our businesses more competitive and encourage business to headquarters in the united states. that's what i said consistently. joe sestak knows that. >> chris: let's take a bigger look at your position on taxes, mr. toomey. i understand the desire to cut taxes and there is really no question it would spur economic growth. but i know in addition to being concerned about taxes, you are also concerned about the national debt. if you extend all the bush tax cuts, if you were to cut, not eliminate but cut the corporate tax rate -- although, it would produce some economic growth and
4:07 pm
therefore some increased revenue -- no question it would add trillions of dollars to the deficit. the question becomes what are you going to cut? what are you going to cut in spending? what are you going to cut in entitlements? i'd ask you to be specific, sir. >> sure. first of all, it's not clear it would add trillions to the deficit. i believe if we expand the base of the economy, which we could do by selectively lowering some taxes, you have a broader base on which to apply the tax. you know, after 2003, we lowered taxes across the board. by 2004, revenue to the federal government grew. in the 1980s, ronald reagan cut taxes dramatically. by the end of the decade, revenue coming in the federal government had doubled. so i think it's incredibly important that we focus on maximizing economic growth. that's where we get the job creation that we need. that's where we get revenue for the government. you're right, the real problem is the spending side. look at we've done. after 50 years when federal spending was 20% of g.d.p.,
4:08 pm
nancy pelosi and joe sestak took federal spending to 25%. that's 25% increase in the size of a government overnight. that's what we've got to rein in. i would end the bail-outs. i disagreed with bail-outs as a policy. i think we should rescind the unspent portion of the stimulus bill. i'd like to abolish earmarks. i tell you what, chris, that could be a big item. it's not just the cost of the individual earmarks but also the fact that they've become a currency to buy votes for bloated appropriation bills. i think we should look at consolidating all kinds of programs in the government. you know, we found 75 different programs between the department of education and the department of state that all subsidize one form or another of overseas student travel and student education. that's the kind of waste and duplication that we can rein in. altogether, those items that i just listed add up to many billions of dollars. that would start us back on the right path. >> chris: i want to also ask you, mr. toomey, about
4:09 pm
entitlements. i want to be clear here. you have talked about letting younger americans, not those currently in social security or close to social security, but younger americans use some of their payroll taxes to invest in private accou accounts. what happens if we encounter another one of these financial meltdowns and millions of people lose their nest eggs? what would happen to them then? >> let's be clear. 60% of the entire budget is entitlement spending, the automatic big programs. if we are ever going to get back to a viable fiscal path we have to figure out what we'll do with the programs. i said we should never under any circumstances cut benefits for people who are retired or close to retirement. that would be outrageous and unreasonable. i would never go there. if we are going to be honest, we have to acknowledge the programs cannot exist in their current form precisely, indefinitely. the demographics won't sustain it. i argue younger workers
4:10 pm
should have this choice: if they want to participate in the current system, that's fine. if they want to participate in a reformed social security program where they accumulate savings, i would allow for that, too. i think there could be a tremendous upside because it allows the government financing to get squared away, but also giving workers ownership. to specifically to your point, the simple solution is that any such investment plan would be regulated. and in the early years when a worker is quite young, teens, 20s, 30s, the investment could be heavily weighted for stocks. but as they approach retirement age, the portfolio could change to bank deposit, c.d. and treasuries so someone approaching retirement would not be suggest to the volatility that you can see in the stock market. >> chris: i want to give you a little time to talk about your opponent in the couple minutes we have left. joe sestak as you pointed out supported the obama stimulus
4:11 pm
plan. as you say, he said it should be even bigger than the $800 billion. your comment? >> right. well, this is consistent with joe sestak's extreme views. as i said, he is to the left of nancy pelosi on just about every item. he said the stimulus bill wasn't big enough, should have been $1 trillion. the healthcare bill he voted for and in committee he voted for a version of the bill that would have allowed states to ban all private health insurance altogether. he supported cap and trade, which would be devastating to pennsylvania's economy. and he said it didn't go far enough. he's even advocated that khalid sheikh mohammed, the admitted mastermind of 9/11 be given a civilian trial in pennsylvania. which is a terrible idea. joe's really a liberal's liberal. idealogue off the left of the democratic agenda and policies they've been pursuing have been preventing us from having the economic recovery we could be having. that's why i think my campaign is doing very well. i'm going to continue to
4:12 pm
advocate for job growth in the private sector, getting spending under control. and just bringing some balance to washington. >> chris: couple of minutes left. can the g.o.p. take back the senate if you lose in pennsylvania? >> well, i'm not going to lose in pennsylvania. we're going to win this race and i think the g.o.p. has an excellent chance of taking back the senate. >> chris: this is pretty key. this is one of the real cornerstones, the if it's not -- i'd say keystone -- of their effort to take back the senate. >> that's true, chris. you know how it is. we've got a certain number of races in play that republicans have to run the table on virtually all of the competitive races in order to take control. i'm not as close to the other races as obviously i am to my own. i think we have a great shot here. this is close. this is tough. but i think we're going to pull it out. i think we're going to be in the majority. >> chris: you do believe that the republicans will take back the senate? >> i do, yeah. i acknowledge it's tough, it's not obvious. but i think we're likely to
4:13 pm
do that. >> chris: and in 30 seconds, we got nine days to go. what is the key to this final week, sir? >> the key is for me to continue to get my message out to the swing voters, to the independent voters who understand that washington is on the wrong track. we can't borrow and spend our way to prosperity. the government is not the source of wealth and opportunity. i'm the guy who has started businesses, i've been a small business owner, i've employed hundreds of pennsylvanians. i know how to get jobs moving in the private sector, rein in excesses in washington, and bring some balance to a town that lost all balance. that's why i think people in the end are going to be with me. >> chris: mr. toomey, we have to leave it there. thank you so much for joining us today and we'll see how things turn out in nine short days. >> thanks for having me, chris. >> chris: up next, we turn to west virginia and their popular democratic governor who is in the race of his life to become that state's next senator. [ male announcer ] you can dream of a mobile app
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that lets business owners handle payroll on the go. or, like adp, you can dream it and do it. adp lists on nasdaq, the world's most innovative can-do exchange.
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>> chris: democrat robert byrd held his west virginia senate seat for 51 years, longer than anyone who served in congress. now it's up to governor joe
4:17 pm
manchin to keep the office against a tough opponent, republican businessman john raese. joining us from charleston, west virginia, is mr. manchin. we invited mr. raese but he declined. governor, welcome to "fox news sunday." >> thank you for having me, chris. >> chris: i got to tell you, governor, this is one of the strangest races in the country this year. you have a 68% approval rating from west virginians. as a democrat, you have been endorsed by the senate by the u.s. chamber of commerce and the national rifle association. but let's take a look at the numbers. according to the real clear politics average of recent polls, you are leading your opponent, businessman john raese by 1.5 points, basically a dead heat. in some polls, you're trailing him. question: how come? >> it's a very competitive race. it's a different time. i can't explain it no more can you, chris. but people are starting to look at who has performed in west virginia? who has been here ande fight we west virginia? we brought all sides
4:18 pm
together. six years ago i became governor and said i thought we could do better. it didn't want politics as usual, democrats, republican fighting or business and labor fighting. i have brought it all together and said leave your politics at the door, put west virginia first and fix things. we did it and our state is in much better state than any other state in the nation because of it. >> chris: one reason you may be in a tight race and that's because west virginians apparently like you, they really don't like president obama and his policies. he has a 33% approval rating in west virginia. your opponent says if elected to the senate, you are going to turn into, as he puts it, "washington joe." turn into a rubber stamp for obama. let's watch. >> you have to wonder, wonder about obama and mansi manchin a which direction they're going. when you have obama and certainly manchin you have to be concerned about the future of this country. >> chris: governor, you can show your independence right now. where do you disagree with president obama's policies
4:19 pm
the last two years? >> well, chris, let me tell you this. i had informed my opponent that president obama's name will not be on the ballot for the u.s. senate in west virginia. it will be joe manchin. people are looking at what i've been able to do by bringing people together, independents, democrats, and republicans. we've been successful. they don't want to talk about the record whatsoever. they want to talk about guilt by association. west virginia, west virginia is a different -- when i say "different." we're for family values, we're hard-working people, we have the best in the world. with that said, we're in much better shape. president obama cap-and-trade, we just differ. we respectfully differ. in my estimation he is wrong on that issue. west virginian have been patriotic, helping the nation, supplying the energy the nation needs. we can do it better and other -- >> chris: excuse me governor, other than cap-and-trade, any other areas you disagree with the obama policies?
4:20 pm
>> the healthcare reform is something i don't agree with. the mandate, and firewall is not strong enough for abortion. i'm pro-life. we're just a different type of democrat in west virginia. >> chris: let's begin with healthcare. you just said that president obama overreached on healthcare reform, especially the individual healthcare mandate. but back just in march, when the bill was up in the house, you said if you were a congressman, "i'd be for it. you have to move this ball forward." you said you would have been in the house as a congressman, governor, you would have voted for the healthcare reform bill. >> i am for health reform. i think every american should be for health reform, because you can't sustain it. in west virginia, the most vulnerable people we have get up every morning and go to work. they have nothing to rely to -- >> chris: but mandate is part of that bill, sir. >> the bottom line is the senate should be traded -- there should be incentives for healthcare reform to
4:21 pm
people can afford healthcare. you won't mandate and dictate to them. with the bill you're talking about, we were talking about preexisting conditions. we have six or seven items that the democrats and republicans agree on. that is a good start in west virginia when you have a piece of legislation everyone agrees on. reaching as far as they did in the weeds of the bill we didn't know about, no one else knew about until it came out. knowing that i would not have supported that or voted for that at that time. the concept of preexisting conditions, children not being denied from being on insurances, or elderly people in west virginia, if you have cancer or black lung, i'm not going to say no to those people until i know what's wrong with them. >> chris: i want to pin you down on this, though. you're saying now if you had known what is really in the bill -- although in last march you said you would have voted for it. you're now saying you would have voted against it? >> correct. knowing the existence as far as how reaching it had been, onerous, i would have. many people didn't know about the bill. it was 2,000 pages or more.
4:22 pm
the concept was great as far as preexisting conditions, how do we make sure more people have affordable insurance and how do we take care of children. people with preexisting conditions, keeping people on insurance longer because of the market conditions. there is a lot of good parts to it. why don't we fix what's wrong with it and make it better? >> chris: let's talk about as you did, your first answer about differing with the president was about cap-and-trade, which is controversial in west virginia, which is a big coal producer. you now say you're flat out against cap-and-trade. >> always. >> chris: well, take a look at that. this is what you now say about president obama. "he is dead wrong on cap-and-trade. it would be the ruin, not only of our state of west virginia, but this entire economy for this country." but governor, here is what you said two years ago in the presidential campaign. >> barack brings that leadership to us, he brings the partnership, coming from a coal state himself. now, we're going to have to pay for the carbons, whether cap-and-trade or whether it's in the carbon tax.
4:23 pm
>> chris: governor, it sure sounds like you favored cap-and-trade. >> sure. no, never did favor cap-and-trade from the stand point -- what we were talking about during the campaign, i had a lot of high hopes for president obama, basically understood the balance of the environment and economy and energy needed to be competitive in the global economy, chris. 20 years ago we had what we called acid rain, if you recall. we were able to fix acid rain. we didn't tax coal, we didn't legislate or regulate coal out of existence. coal basically transformed using scrubbers and technology, low knox blowers. we can do the same thing with co2. they have to make sure they're committed to get the technology that fixes the problem. cap-and-trade as they're proposing it right now, why in the world would you allow nuclear or hydro, or wind or solar to trade credits? they don't produce -- >> chris: why did you in the interview in 2008 say now they have to pay for the carbons whether it's cap and trade or a carbon tax? >> the users of the energy,
4:24 pm
that was the emitters that say the utilities for the co2, whoever is emitting co2, you have basically a parameter to fix it. through technology. we had an so2 with acid rain, we had technology. we don't have proven technology. we have carbon sequestration, which we're doing in west virginia. we can do with technology. we have the ability to use our coal, and use it in a fashion that is more attractive from the standpoint. we can help the rest of the world. >> chris: governor -- >> using more coal than ever -- >> chris: i don't want to interrupt but i want to give you an opportunity to talk about your opponent john raese. you question whether he is even a legal resident of west virginia, but his campaign says that he pays income and property taxes in your state. >> chris, what we're talking about is setting your priorities. where do you want to be? where have you really laid your claim and where do you spend your time and try to fix the problems that we
4:25 pm
have? my opponent, his family have a home and enjoy the homestead exemption in palm beach, florida. that's pretty much known by everybody. and we're saying is all the income that is produced and all the income by the family being paid taxes in west virginia supporting our state? those are legitimate questions to be asked. i assure you, my wife and i, every penny of income we had, taxes were paid to west virginia. people will look at the priorities. who has the ability to bring people together? democrats and republicans, independents working out the problems of west virginia. >> chris: governor -- >> -- to be successful at that. >> chris: let me ask about one other issue, you say john raese wants to do away with the minimum wage. his campaign says that he believes governor controls made it harder for employers to hire young workers who have a high unemployment rate. >> well, the minimum wage, if he is talking about minimum wage, there is no cap on it. you can pay whatever you want to. when you say you want to do
4:26 pm
away with it, because it's not enough. no one is going to be fooled to believing that. if you want to do away with it, it's because you want it to go lower. we have basement, and we want to protect people who depend on it. a lot of it is their second job. when you talk about lasers in space, and doing away in the labor department, $20 billion or more dollars, what are the priorities? that's what we're talking. there is a big difference between he and i. me being involved in the front line of west virginia, solving problems, bringing people together. we have a proven record. we have only seen john in the campaign. every time he has run. that is the difference. >> chris: we have to leave it there. we want to thank you so much for coming in today and safe travels on the campaign trail, sir. >> thank you, chris. appreciate it very much. >> chris: coming up, media controversy that's got everyone talking. national public radio fires juan williams. we'll hear his thoughts, as well as from our sunday regulars after the break. [ male announcer ] how can rice production in india
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